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So all the holiday fun is over, friends and relatives have all returned to their normal routines and so too have I returned back to my routines. Yet still it always seems a little empty after New Year. Maybe we have gotten used to having our family around us. Maybe all the celebrations and the short holiday breaks have taken us back to a time when we were happier or at the very least a time in your childhood where Christmas morning was still the most awesome day of the year. Back then we had fewer worries or money concerns, the lack of care about fitting into some mold of life; we just enjoyed. Now the weight of our adult lives has set in.

I, as I am sure many of you, put on a few extra pounds. I made resolutions in a fiesta fueled promise of what my next year would be; and then broken them. My bank account is a little bent, the weather is not exactly the best as it is cold and dreary much like my mood; cloudy, rainy and blue.

I have known Tamara Paul for some time, we have worked closely together and I have had the privilege of first glances at her Dare to Dream Course, the 7 day declutter challenge her amazing Self-Sabotage series. So when I had the chance to read the Perk Up ebook, it helped me realize that I was not alone in this New Year downhill ride. I realized that it is more than likely my own stress that is making me feel under the weather, most definitely why I was blue. I did not want to get back to work, and I love my work, I love how I can make others feel about their work and that makes me feel great.
One quote in the ebook was an amazing reminder to that. “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” The words Thich Nhat Hanh.

This quote along with something Tamara said to me in one of our conversations, “If you can conceive it…” well after reading Perk Up I could conceive it again. It was a reminder that I want to be back to my happy self, I want to make others smile and laugh, help them view their success again. So I used the information from the ebook, I took a deep breathe, a big step back and most of all I saw my New Year being everything I wanted it to be when I was making those resolutions.

So start making this the best year it can be, start with changing your mood to that bright sunny mood you adore. Remember that smiling and laughing with friends, enjoying what you are doing is just the beginning, everything else will fall into place.

Author, Joel L.

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