Chapter 10

Circulation of Giving and Receiving

Imagine processing an attribute that would enable you to sense, prepare, and respond to a situation before it causes serious harm or damage. In this chapter, author Tamara Paul notes that although Spiderman is super agile and incredibly strong; however his most treasured attribute is mentioned above. Why? Because Spiderman uses this attribute and gives of himself from the kindness of his heart.

Deepak Chopra’s concept, The Law of Giving and Receiving is eloquently woven in this chapter. It is the author’s believe that “giving and receiving” is what keeps us alive. It is my opinion that the author’s use of Spiderman illustrates this concept. Spiderman gave selflessly and often received victories over his enemies.

Overall, there were many hidden gems presented in this chapter. The power of giving and receiving being the most obvious gems. However, the ability to sense, prepare and respond to a situation before it causes harm; spoke to me. All of the gems mentioned can be applied to our lives in order to have purposeful, prepared and compassionate lives. ~Karina Smith, Principal Business Analysts, Columbus, Ohio

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