Chapter 3

What an amazing message! This chapter hits home for me in so many ways. Self-doubt can creep in so easily when you’re not sure how to start and reach a goal, or when someone tries to convince you away from something because it seems uncertain or hard. I remember my dad always asking me “Do you know who you are and where you come from? We are a strong family and can do anything. I just want you to be great!” I had no idea when I was listening to him say that for the thousandth time that it would be a quiet reminder that I can make it through life if I just keep at it. My mom would tell me when something didn’t feel right as well as when she was sure of the path forward. The combination of those childhood messages made me shake my head in agreement through the whole chapter!! It takes practice to trust your intuition! There are so many things that take up space and priority in our daily lives. We’re constantly looking for a minute to ourselves to get ahead. I look forward to filling more small moments in the day dedicated to clearing my mind and looking ahead to what’s next for me!” ~Tiffany Vinson, Organization change management org consultant. Delaware, Ohio

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