Chapter 4

This chapter speaks volumes to me! I have a tendency to underestimate my true potential, underutilize the resources that are right at my fingertips and I have difficulty knowing without a doubt what it is exactly I bring to the table in specific situations. I have a great ability to bring individuals with common interest and goals together, however, I somehow back off or lose my “space” in the process lacking confidence in my self worth. Unable to identify my contributions and knowing what sets me apart from others are all things that I struggle with. I really do feel like this thought process holds me back when it should really elevate me and be looked at as the foundation towards “being and excelling”. I’m still a working progress, however, I’m learning the true power of positive thinking and what makes it so amazing is that I’m a witness of its effect on others in my core group of friends. There are so much power and motivation in surrounding yourself with successful people and utilizing your resources. However, unless you dig deep inside and continuously work on yourself learning and knowing your true power, you will never excel and only be left in your same old stagnant ways. So chapter 4 is powerful in that your work is truly within! You never know how your Higher power or the universe is working, what people and situations are in your space now and how or what these situations/people are preparing you for. So, I have to remind myself to just be still and embrace the moment and be present.” ~Lisa Miller, MSN, RN, FNPC Nurse Practitioner- Dermatology, Powell, Ohio

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