Feelings Are Just Visitors That I Allow To Leave

Feelings can be as temporary as I choose. If I choose to hold on to a feeling, it persists. If I choose to let it go, it leaves instantly. I favor positive feelings and easily release myself from feelings that are unpleasant.

I reject negative feelings and release them as soon as possible. Negative feelings want to leave my body. It is within my power to grant them the ability to leave. Holding on to negative feelings is only harmful.

By releasing them, I set myself free.I give myself the space to experience positive feelings when I allow negative feelings to leave.

I relax and allow negative emotions to flow out of my body. I can then replace those emotions with positive emotions that fill me with happiness, peace, and enthusiasm. There is only space in my mind for one emotion at a time.

Negative emotions gain power from attention and rumination. I avoid giving negative emotions more strength. I relax every muscle in my body and the negativity drains away.

 Then, I focus on a positive thought or activity. I can choose positive feelings at will by focusing my attention appropriately.

Today, I let go of negative feelings and create positive feelings.I can control my thoughts, emotions, and moods. Feelings are just visitors that I allow to leave.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Why do I hold on to negative emotions? What purpose does that serve?
  2. What would happen if I let go of negative feelings when I first experienced them?
  3. How do I maintain negative feelings? How can I stop doing that?

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