I love the theme of this book!

I love the theme of this book! I found the context Tamara provided about Supergirl really set the tone for this chapter. Supergirl hid her powers from the world until she was forced to use them, and oftentimes stood in Superman’s shadow. I think many women, myself included, do this very same thing for fear of becoming overwhelmed by our gifts, how others will perceive us, and/or failing to live up to the expectations of others.  Tamara forces her readers to think of what talents and “superpowers” we are holding back and really look in the mirror to find out why we are doing that.  She shares a story from early in her career about how she almost chose the wrong path trying to please others. Sharing this story shows how vulnerable she was, and how we all can be that vulnerable at certain points in our lives. She challenges us to not fall victim to measuring and comparing ourselves to others, but instead, to embrace those superpowers that are within us! What a thought-provoking read that will encourage you to take ownership of your life!—Stephanie King, MBA, Senior Training Specialist

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