​​​​​​​Weekly Challenge
It's Time To Cape Up!
Remember when you had Superpowers?
Well they are not gone, it has just been a long time since you used them and with everyday life sneaking up on us we forget just how much we believed in our Superpowers. Now you can rediscover them and every week challenge yourself to use them once again.
Listen to your Weekly challenge
and become the Superhero you remember.
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Your weekly challenge will help you:

1.     Understand and manage your emotions to move to a positive feeling

2.     Encourage you to stop talking and start doing

3.     Deal with stress

4.     Learn how to calm your mind

5.     Balance work and home life

6.     Worry less and do more

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Plain and simply put, you are unstoppable! The guides below are your blueprint to earning your cape and reaching your true potential.

Along comes the perfect you; the perfect, innocent child who not only believes in superheroes and all their greatness, but who believes they, too, are outfitted with superpowers. Plain and simply put, you were unstoppable! Then along comes life with its ups, downs, twisted teachings, hardships, unmet needs and misfortunes that begin to strip you of your superpowers.
We often forget what it’s like to believe we can fly, therefore, often staying grounded . . . remaining stagnant throughout the course of life, and sometimes never reaching our true potential.

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"Wow!  Prepare to win in spite of your situation looking like a loss.  This is the four year anniversary of my house fire.  My family and I lost everything yet we found praise in celebrating LIFE.  After reading this chapter I realized I pulled out my superhero powers by making sure I kept my family together (even if it was living in a hotel), still ate dinner together every night (even if it was going out to eat) and allowing my family to understand although we lost every bit of material things we owned we still had each other.  

Another ah-ha moment reading this chapter was the gut check of allowing your staff to “Lay bricks” and as the leader of the department take time off work.  It caused me to become a little emotional thinking of the years and experiences I missed by working too many hours.  I know I have built a dynamic team and after reading Chapter 11, I am empowered to pull out my superhero powers and I have scheduled a couple days off. "

Michele Thomas-Valentine

Director of Engagement and Volunteer Services