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Book Release with Tamara Paul

Your True Potential

Your True
Potential Book

Have you heard of the law of attraction? I like to explain the law of attraction as the three “W’s”:

Want – Wait – Work
The three W’s equal manifestation. Manifestation is a powerful tool we all have. It’s one of our superpowers. Some know how to activate it better than others, but we all have the capability. We often manifest things in our lives without even knowing it.

Manifestation is the power of wanting or believing something so much, and knowing in your heart and soul that it will happen, so much so that you’re waiting for it to happen. You’re not hoping it happens. You’re not wishing it happens. You know it’s going to happen . . . so you wait for it to happen—you wait for it to manifest.

You are so powerful that the universe hears all your directives. And unfortunately, it picks up on the negative ones as well.


Weekly Challenge

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You must be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is faith in action. Be enthusiastic about the decisions you make. Be enthusiastic about what will happen as a result of that decision. And if the result isn’t exactly what you envisioned, then be enthusiastic about the something greater that’s in store for you.

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One of my superpowers is I see the potential in you, that you don’t see in yourself. My products are for those who believe they have potential and for those who want to live their best life. I promise that engaging with me and the products I create will help you reach your true potential. One call with me will open your mind, make you believe and ignite the flame in you.

“Ms. Tamara, words don’t explain the feeling I had after my session with you, but my business plan I created after the call says it all. I can’t thank you enough for (I’m going to use your words) igniting the flame in me”. ~D. Sawyer

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