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Crack The Rich Code

Tamara Offers Visioneer-Level Coaching

My husband and I are both entrepreneurs and when it came time for us to seek out sales and marketing advice, Tamara Paul was the first person that came to mind. Tamara was very candid in showing us how to “trim the fat” in our details, word choice, audience, etc. and get straight to the point. Yet, she did so with a level of warmth and attentiveness that you just don’t often see in many successful entrepreneurs. What I love about Tamara is that she isn’t just interested in sharing her insights—she is invested in seeing her peers win! Tamara offers visioneer-level coaching or in other words, mentoring that fuses short-term goal-setting with long-term vision-building. Erica Womack, Ph.D., Co-founder OASIS (Opening Access to STEAM in Informal Settings)

You are so powerful that the universe hears all your directives. And unfortunately, it picks up on the negative ones as well. “Success in the face of financial adversity boils down to 3 things: The right knowledge at the right time. The right opportunities at the right time. The right YOU… ALL the time.” ~Kevin Harrington


Weekly Challenge

To be the right YOU all the time, I’m challenging you to listen to your free weekly challenge that will build your confidence, help you find balance, happiness, peace and joy.

You must be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is faith in action. Be enthusiastic about the decisions you make. Be enthusiastic about what will happen as a result of that decision. And if the result isn’t exactly what you envisioned, then be enthusiastic about the something greater that’s in store for you.

Schedule your 1 on 1 dream session with Tamara Paul

How long have you been waiting to finally have the confidence to go “all in” on building your business? It took me a while too but after launching over 80 products, working directly with over 35 companies and generating these companies over 100 million dollars in revenue later, I’ve learned a thing or two. I will partner with you to ensure you are your “BEST SELF,” then Crack the Code for profits. “Dream sessions with Tamara Paul will help accelerate the positive direction your life is headed in. Calls with Tamara motivated, inspired and made me feel Unstoppable during some challenging times in my life. She helped me earn my cape! ~D.P.

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