Dr. Keisha Fletcher-Bates

Chief Administrative Officer

About The CO Author

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Dr. Keisha Fletcher-Bates is the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Your True Potential™, and Director of Academics in Columbus City Schools, the largest school district in the state of Ohio with over 51,000 students. She is a lecturer at The Ohio State University (OSU), focusing on teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in special education. Dr. Fletcher-Bates has 21 years of urban education experience as a teacher, administrator, and senior leader in Columbus City Schools.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Special Education from Alabama State University. She received her Master in Special Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from OSU. Her thesis research titled “Reducing Can’t-Do Thoughts Using Daily One-Minute Counting of Can-Do Statements” is a self-reflective study that is threaded throughout our mission to unlock your true potential.

In 2009, Dr. Fletcher-Bates received a Ph.D. from OSU in Educational Administration with a cognate in African Studies. Her dissertation focused on the political interactions of discipline and high stakes testing, and their impact on students. She is a licensed principal and superintendent in the State of Ohio, member of The Links Incorporated Twin Rivers Chapter, and African American Leadership Academy Fellow.

Dr. Fletcher-Bates, known in the Your True Potential™ world as “Dr. KEE,” is our instructional content expert, published poet, author, researcher, and life coach. She has presented on state, national, and international platforms in education. Without fail, she infuses the knowledge and skills embedded within the fabric of our company vision into her own life, and continuously attains her personal and professional goals.

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