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Tamara Paul is a serial entrepreneur and a small business owner with a rich history in business and real estate management. She’s married to a successful former NFL player, Tito Paul Sr., and is the proud mother of two fast-growing boys. In short, Tamara has had a long life of one success followed by another. Her success has always come from hard work and passion, as well as a determination as resolute as tempered steel. However, even though she has had all of these things going for her throughout her life, the time came for her to realize she was still missing something; her superpowers; she came to the realization she wasn’t using her God-given superpowers.

When Tamara was a young girl, she knew she wanted to help people from the place of the dreams within their heart, taking them from dreams to an actual reality. She imagined herself on stages and in crowds, creating deep happiness for people, the kind of feelings of happiness that cause people to weep. Tamara went into public speaking and found a measure of success while still in high school. But eventually, the big and little things of life took over—as it does with many people. She began to run in the rat race, as often times people do while leaving their life dreams behind.

Tamara went to college, earned her degree, got married, had children, and grew her businesses into successful ventures. Meanwhile, she hushed the voice in her head telling her that her path was headed in a different direction. She muted it so effectively that it almost disappeared.

Hard work. Dedication. Perseverance. Those were the tools she used to accomplish her goals. After all, that’s what it took to be successful. Wasn’t it? But despite her successes, she knew something remained missing.

After years of silencing her inner voice, in a moment when she was feeling this aching in her heart, the TV show her children were watching exploded with a word for her: “Superheroes.” Her kids were watching the typical superheroes found on the television, and as Tamara thought about how much her kids admired and looked up to those heroic figures, it suddenly struck her that her children had their own superpowers. Of course, they were totally unaware of these powers.

Then it dawned on Tamara that not only did her kids have superpowers, but that, indeed, everyone does. Finally, she realized that she, too, had her own special superpower, and she knew exactly what it was: helping others find their own superpowers… helping others reach their true potential.

Tamara then set out to write her book, Discover Your Superpowers: The Key to Unlocking Your True Potential™, and shortly thereafter, the words began to flow seemingly through her onto the pages rapidly, almost magically. The companion journal and workbook quickly followed. The Your True Potential™ company practically built itself.

Now that Tamara has discovered her own superpower, concepts like hard work, dedication, and perseverance take on an entirely new meaning. They are now joined by powers such as passion, love, joy, and freedom.


Tamara’s personal superpower, as well as her goal for her company, is to help each of you find your own superpower. She has always known, deep inside of herself, that this was her gift and her true potential. Because of her personal journey returning to this point, Tamara understands how easy it is to get caught up in the everyday aspects of life, and how easy it is to ignore your calling to the point of forgetting what it was in the first place. This process of knowing, forgetting, and then rediscovering has gifted Tamara with a keen ability to help others in their own rediscovery process. She aims to help as many people do this as she possibly can in her lifetime.

Whether you read her book and her journal, work through the workbook, dedicate yourself to engage in the hands-on experience of her life coaching, come to hear her speak at an event, or if you just watch her videos and read her blogs, Tamara wants you to find that superpower you have hidden inside. She has made herself available on every platform possible so that anyone looking to tap into their own true potential will have access to the resources Tamara provides.

Your True Potential

What Your True Potential™ Looks Like

On an incredibly profound level, Tamara understands that as each person finds his or her true potential, the need to work with her one-on-one gradually lessens. She knows that in order to change the world, we must first change ourselves. In changing her own self and in stepping into her own superpowers, she can help others do the same. As each person she touches finds his or her own true potential, a ripple effect is set into motion. In this way, Tamara can effectively reach the entire world, beginning with one person at a time.

One of those people could be you.

Tamara helps others because it is her superpower to do so, but she realizes with great clarity that in helping you unlock your true potential, even if your superpower is not focused on directly helping others, the fact, alone, that you’ve stepped into your superpower can begin to help others. This is the ripple effect of superheroes. We inspire and influence each other to go out to inspire and influence each other. This only works if we are tapped into our true potential and we put our capes on. So, in the words of Tamara, “It’s time to cape up!”

Your True Potential

Superhero Beliefs

This entire process—the program, the books, and the company—are founded on one simple but steadfast belief: that every single person has superpowers. We are all superheroes with those powers simply waiting to be unlocked. It can be incredibly difficult to do this for ourselves. In fact, sometimes it can feel impossible. Many people live their entire lives without ever unlocking their true potential, believing that it is the work of someone else to do the saving, the thriving, and the dreaming.

Tamara sees the value in hard work, dedication, and perseverance, as she always has, but now she sees how all of that effort is quite empty and meaningless if it doesn’t come from your true self. It is only when your hard work is backed by passion, when your dedication stems from your inspiration, and when your perseverance is driven by your dreams that you truly reach the heights and depths you are meant for.

Tamara believes in you, just because of who you are. She sees greatness in everyone. Sometimes the greatest of all greatness is hidden and locked away behind doors and barriers of sadness, depression, fear, and even self-hatred. Tamara wants to help you open all of those doors and tear down all of those barriers. She believes in you, even if you don’t believe in yourself, and she believes that everyone deserves to have that hope, truth, and freedom to reach for more. Tamara wants to help you give that to yourself.

Your True Potential

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