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Your True Potential™’s CEO, Tamara Paul, is a proud wife and mother of two fast-growing boys living in suburban Columbus, Ohio. But equally important, she is a popular speaker, motivating educator, gifted life and health coach. She’s the author of the just-published, critically-acclaimed guide to excelling at life, Discover Your Superpowers: The Key to Unlocking Your True Potential™.

The lessons Tamara learned while speaking and coaching hundreds of people over the past decade have all been summarized in her book; but it also contains her zest for life and her belief that each of us has more potential than we’re tapping into.

Available on Amazon and in eBook and audio, as well as by order in major bookstores, Discover Your Superpower is the culmination of Tamara’s career as a life-changing coach.

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Tamara Paul has long felt a driving need to help others; a reflection on how others have helped her. This began when she created the firm, Your True Potential™, and started speaking to groups about how they could achieve more from their lives. Client and audience feedback soon told her she had a gift for helping others see past their “I’m only human” excuse and begin to realize their particular potential.

Tamara started by working with young women—an audience that remains a particular passion— yet she quickly came to realize her message was as important to men in their mid-sixties as to young women in their mid-twenties. That’s when she expanded her speaking career, began consulting one-on-one with clients of all ages, genders and other categories—and when she began planning her new book, Discover Your Superpowers: The Key to Unlocking Your True Potential™.

In writing this book, Tamara realized we all have special gifts—“superpowers”—that allow us to exceed what society expects of us. She also realized that along with those superpowers, we have to face down our own brands of kryptonite—limiters that, unless we avoid or overcome them, will slow us down. Tamara believes there are no coincidences—we are each here for a reason, and it’s up to us to identify and fulfill that reason.

About her dynamic new book, Tamara says:

Along comes the perfect you; the perfect, innocent child who not only believes in superheroes and all their greatness, but who believes he or she, too, are outfitted with superpowers. Plain and simply put, each of us is born unstoppable!

Then along comes life with its ups, downs, twisted teachings, hardships, unmet needs and misfortunes. All of those begin to strip each of us of our superpowers.

Once we transition to adulthood, we often forget what it’s like to believe we can fly. Which means that too often, we stay grounded . . . we remain stagnant throughout the course of our lives; not because we can’t, but because we believe we can’t. Too often, we never reach our true potential. But that’s what I want to change.

In spite of how many times you’ve thought it—or even said out loud—“I’m only human,” Discover Your Superpowers: The Key to Unlocking Your True Potential™ will forever change the meaning of that phrase, “only human.” Discovering and igniting your dormant superpowers will allow you to live your best life.

This book is just the resource you need to achieve it. Enclosed in this dynamic volume are mission-critical tools, strategies, and experiences that will enable you to discover the superhero within, allowing you to take a quantum leap toward meaningful success in many areas of your life.

Use Discover Your Superpowers: as a vehicle to soar, tapping into greater happiness, balance, purpose, compassion and courage, all which will further ignite the superpowers within, allowing you to live the life you desire … and the life you deserve.

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