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Sometimes we are aware that we self-sabotage, but then sometimes there’s more than one self-defeating behavior we need to change. At times like those, it’s best not to get bogged down in analysis and just take some general, yet effective action.

Ditching bad habits can be made easier by making the decision right now (always a good time) to stop allowing yourself drag you into negative attitudes. You are the one who does this to yourself, so if it’s not too confusing, you need to stop yourself doing this to you.

Okay, permission to be confused.

Ditch self-criticism. We all have a certain amount, but some of us let ourselves away with far too much. If someone were to say out loud to a stranger in your local bar the things your brain says to you in private, would you allow it? Or would you stand up to that person and demand they retract their lies?

Okay, it’s possible you’re not about to start approaching people in bars and demanding they stop talking about you, but you get the drift. If you wouldn’t stand for other people t trash talk you – why do you allow yourself?

Get out of your own head.

The scenario where you end up allowing self-criticism is because you are far too comfortable existing in your own head. You need to get out and go for a walk or a run or else – just like a house when you really don’t go out – your mind will become stuffy and imposing.

Recognize your “state”

When we go into a zone where time seems to fall away, only to emerge the other side wondering why we have done something stupid or harmful, we have been in a mental state. It’s important to start recognizing what triggers this state for us. Usually it will be an emotional stimulus. Start removing your learned response from the emotion so that you can see it objectively and destroy the mental state before it begins.

Eliminate negativity from your mental monologue. Quit thinking “I can’t” I won’t” or “I’m not able” and start thinking “I can if…” and “By doing this I will eventually be able to…”

Celebrate small successes

What’s the point of getting things right f they just become another habit that goes unnoticed? Enjoy small celebrations of anything you do that results in a positive behavioral result to cement your new habits into your psyche.

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