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“Discover your Superpowers initially attracted me, at least in part, because of my lifelong fascination with comics, graphic novels and film adaptations (which have become the highest-grossing, most popular films in history). As she so effectively points out, back when we were innocent kids, we believed that we’d someday find our superpowers. Unfortunately, as we grew, life got in the way, and our mantra—instead of believing in our super potential—became, “I’m only human,” a profound limiter and personal growth buzz-killer.

However, having been attracted by that resonance with the superhero mythos, I stayed for the keen insights the author offers to her readers. She is right—each of us has a God-given superpower— something at which we excel, perhaps not knowing it. Once we do, however, embrace that superpower, we can use our gifts to help others and ourselves to live better, more productive lives.

I was especially intrigued by her spot-on determination that for each superpower there is a personal “Kryptonite” that will hold us back if we let it. Ms. Paul walks readers through how they can identify, avoid, or overcome that kryptonite, and by doing so, accomplish so much more in our lives.

She also addresses her belief that when it comes to our special abilities, there are no coincidences. When life gives us messages about those abilities, it’s up to us to pay attention. Few authors mention this, but I have found this to be (in my own life, and in the lives of those close to us) to be absolutely true.

I met author Tamara Paul last fall at a conference for writers. I didn’t know she had a book close to completion, so when I learned about Discover Your Superpowers, I was eager to buy it, read it (in one sitting – it’s that compelling) and now, to share it with you. If you want to make the most of your life, this is great.

Finally, I note that there are other tools available —a workbook, a journal, things like that—but start with her book and you’ll see for yourself why it makes sense to learn from Tamara Paul and to apply that learning to your life.” — Ned Barnett, Las Vegas

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