Your True Potential

I’d like to acknowledge my business partners Manika Glass & Dr. Keisha (Kee) Fletcher-Bates for sharing the vision and journey with me, my literary agent JoyLynn Ross for her guidance, assistants Rose Black and Misti Mazurik for their support, Kathleen Ventura for assisting in the superhero research, Manju Woods for holding down Rep Network while I concentrate on the book, Nicole McNair, Joshua Ross, Veronica Wilson and Tiffany Vinson for mentally digging deep with me, Michele Washington for allowing me to share her heroic story and Donna James for bringing out some dormant superpowers in me, Whitney Barkley for bringing the vision to life, Nicole Marie Ricart my photographer, Steve Ruhs, Andrew Herman, Joel Londen and JL Woodson for their inspirational creativity.

I’d like to acknowledge my family for your inspiration, guidance and for allowing me to see your superpowers in action because my story wouldn’t be as powerful if I hadn’t seen it for myself.

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